The songs of the earth

Miguel Lebron


Born in 1960 in Barcelona,  Mr. Miguel LEBRON discovers the world of industrial design at the end of the 80s, after completion of his study at the Beaux Arts in Orleans, France.


Passionate, instinctive and curious of all, he uses all is creative vigor to unite art and science, ingenuity and the Cartesian wisdom.


One of the precursors of the Colors and Materials design, which he will cultivate throughout his carreer, in the automotive industry well as in the cosmetics and printing.


As from, 2010, he leaves the industrial field to bestow himself exclusively to the artistic world.


Extremely sensitized by the environmental causes, Miguel Lebron will seek to recycle the industrial scrap products and transform them into artistic works.

Inspired by the nature, he will develop a technique that permits him to express our planet, via its charismatic lid by freezing materializing on his canvases.


After 7 years of extensive research finaly experimentation, failures and discoveries to understand and master all the subtleties of this new technique by coalescing physics, chemestry, nature and art, he present this arts, for the first time, in septembre 2017 in Andorra. 

From green to blue, red and black to ocher, he tells us that air, water, fire and the earth are the infinite.

The profound lines that no longer belong to the artist are like precipices or the enigmatic of the abyss clashes with the bewilderment.


To make the Earth's magnetic allure immortal, the artist uses ferrous particles, reduced to a state of dust and magnetizes them by exposing them in a very powerfull magnetic field. These ferrous micro-particles are then mixed with a varnish and colored pigments. This mixture makes them sensitive to magnetic energy, will react as a compass making the Earth magnetic field differs from one place to another place on the planet and also in space-time . It is obviously influenced by the sun, the moon and the comets that travel near the earth. All these phenomena are drawn on the canvas keeping its originalforms, which can never be.

Artistic Approach

Playing with magnetic energy, the work of "Songs of the Earth" comes in 5 forms of graphic expression, 5 colorful harmonies.

Capture the magnetic energy of the earth transformed it into an abstract artwork, between reality and virtual, spinning visible into invisible.

The planet expresses itself through its four primordial elements, water, air, earth and fire.


A fifth element comes into existence when the Earth's magnetic field is influenced by the full moon.


Through the abstraction of all colors, this last expression represents space, the infinite, the immaterial.

The mesmerizing works of Miguel LEBRON, have been inspired by the Earth's magnetic arena and have been named:


The songs of the Earth

Ever since the world was created , the Earth's magnetic meadow surrounds, directs and protects us.

Underneath the stimulus of this energy, impalpable and unseen; matter transforms, moves and comes to life.


By seizing and materializing on a support this silent 'song' of the planet, the artwork of 'The Songs of the Earth' becomes the visual expression of the terrestrial magnetic fields.


The planet expresses itself, it allows us to see, touch and hear, its charismatic arena, in a polysensory artwork.

The Nature becomes Art

Every single artwork is exclusive, it represents the abstract of a particular place and/or a moment.

Going beyond the limits of the traditional paintings, the painted landscape is replicated in its real magnificent form in the artworks showing its natural footprint in all its glory.

Natural energy and the human inspiration lead to a plastic result, hence refurbishing the contact of human beings with the Earth.

The 'Songs of the Earth' derive in 4 forms of graphic expression, 4 colorful harmonies, 4 elements that is, Water, Fire, Earth and the Air.  

The Songs of the Earth decline in 4 forms of graphic expression.

4 colorful harmonies inspired by the 4 elements :

Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

The workshop

Since July 2018, the Songs of the Earth's workshop is implanted in Salbris, the heart of Sologne, not far from the Loire Valley Castles and 1H30 mins from Paris (South).


The workshop has been named after the longitude and latitude of Salbris: 47°25 North; 2°03 East.

The foremost objective of the workshop is to engage the contemporary art lovers in constructive exchanges, dialogues and to create artistic bonding.


The workshop 47°25 North; 2°03 East, exhibits the Songs of the Earth on a permanent basis while altering with multidisciplinary artists in the region.


The platform is a medium to make the public discover the treasure of the contemporary arts present in the territory. 

Hence, allowing him to become the carrier of his own culture through attending creative workshops, drawing and  painting classes, providing abstract art courses and working in close collaboration with schools to deliver pedagogic programs.


The workshop is open and can be visited by taking prior appointmet every day. Whist, the exhibition side is open every Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.



Les Jardins d'Art d'Ordino / Andorre

Centre d'Art Contemporain de Mont de Marsan


Musée de la Magie / Blois

Exposition Permanente / Atelier 47°25°N 2°03E / Salbris



Atelier 6 / Chouzy sur Cisse

Icart / Paris

Décades de la Peinture / Brioude

Jump Art Festival / Brinon sur Sauldre

Le Domaine du Chesnes / Salbris

Notre Dame de Paris / Chambord

Biennale d'Art Contemporain / Rivaulde

Chroma Formes / St Jean le Blanc

 Miguel Lebron Dublino / Designer Couleurs & Matières / Artiste Plasticien